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Given DCQ’s position of sustainably managing natural resources across the largest single portion of the Lake Eyre Basin, and that the Queensland rivers of the Basin are the most significant contributors to the Lake itself, it was hardly surprising that we have been invited by the Australian Government to supply regional facilitator services to the Lake Eyre Basin.  It is also not surprising that we have engaged the Vol Norris to deliver this service.

Those of you familiar with the Lake Eyre Basin process will know Vol from his decade as LEB Facilitator.  This new role is slightly different, and will run to the end of June; hopefully, it will be renewed.

Vol is based in Longreach and will be focussing on current and emerging water and land issues in the Basin, and on organising the 5th Lake Eyre Basin Aboriginal Forum in Camooweal, in the upper Georgina River catchment.

He will also be making contact with networks across the Lake Eyre Basin to find out about the water and natural resource issues that are of prime concern for LEB people and organisations, and related projects or programs that are currently receiving their energy and attention.

If you don't hear from Vol over the coming months, and you'd like to talk to him, contact him via lakeeyrebasin.gov.au/contact, at Vol Norris Shared Journeys, or 0427 440 799.


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